World Dating Partners uses reliable and effective technology for its Dating Solution

The World Dating Partners system (“Cupid”) was designed and created by Datech Limited to be the first fully expandable and fully redundant managed service, with peripheral hardware surrounding a managed 30 server system. Connected to the main backbone in London’s Docklands, with multiple provider access, it utilises the highest speeds and shortest routing worldwide. Its infallibility ensures that all of its programmes are fully protected, secure and remain online at all times.

All programmes are auto-mirrored and load balanced to ensure that members and partners have an equal share of speed and reliability at all times. The programme both splits databases and runs them in parallel, which means that all affiliated sites are constantly and seamlessly upgraded and simultaneously updated, without interruption. When new tools and features are loaded, they become available to all partners instantly.

All back-end administration is operated via our fully owned multi-layered Oracle system which creates analytical, statistical and demographic information. This provides accurate self-analysing site data, which in turn produces invaluable results, data and information for every partner via their Business Control Center.

We do not rely on outside statistical programmes. All information is gathered within the Cupid intelligence system, facilitating rapid cross-referencing of data against other local and gathered information. This process enables our partners to simply and easily review the performance of their sites, and market them with maximum effectiveness and profitability.