Find out about the features offered to your members and affiliates

Because you can totally customize your site to precisely fulfill the needs of your members, your community and your criteria, you can create a single, user friendly place for your members to find their perfect date.

- Personalised homepage for every member

- Advanced profiling system to identify compatible personality types and compare member profiles using a variety of highly accurate matching techniques:

  • Soul Match to analyze personality compatibility
  • Select match to identify shared interests
  • Star Match to establish zodiac compatibility
  • Sensual Match to ensure sexual harmony
  • Super Match to combine all essential matching components

- At a glance information including name, sex age, location, photo, audio and video introductions

- Choice of communication methods including anonymous telephone contact, Flash chat and anonymous SMS messaging and VOIP

- Downloadable Chat Instant Messenger, with over 2000 members online at any one time.

- Access to calendar of local Singles local or worldwide events

- Ability to add favourites and block profiles

- Geo-targeted Banners

- Persuasive payment options page to optimize conversions

Members are likely to stay with a WDP site longer than with other sites because we take them through an easy ‘step-by-step’ process to assist them in meeting their perfect partner. It’s fun and easy to use, and has the power to help them achieve what is often so difficult in every-day life, or via other sites. This is how it works:

Super Match Wizard

How does a member’s profile look, and how does it work?
Each member’s profile contains essential “at-a-glance” information, such as name, sex, age, location, and normally a photo. Members can also access the photo galleries, audio and video introductions of other members, in addition to creating their own.

As long as members have completed their profiles, they can also view other singles that have been matched to them. Our system achieves this by identifying compatible personality types, enabling an automatic comparison of members’ profiles using the different criteria.

An easy to use step-by-step “Match Wizard” leads them through the process of finding the perfect date, by combining the four matching techniques. Soul Match tells the couple how compatible their personalities are, Select Match helps to establish whether they share the same interests, Star Match explains more about the compatibility of their Zodiac signs, and Sensual Match ensures that the two hold similar views on their sexual needs and desires. Obviously, the higher percentage match that one member has to another, the more likely it is that they’ll want to get in contact.

Contact can be made in any number of ways including:

- Sending messages and cards by e-mail

- Anonymous telephone contact that enables members to speak to one other without disclosing their personal numbers

- Chat to other members using our specially developed IP to IP Flash Chat System

- Sending anonymous SMS-messages

- Plus members will shortly be able to check what Singles events are taking place in their area.

Individuals can add other members to their favourites list, and if required, can also block particular members from viewing their profile or making contact.

We also always keep your members informed of the enhancements, changes, and new features we are working on. All the features that are planned in our system are regularly reviewed in the news blocks, and we always ask for member feedback on our newest developments.

Our system provides a superb quality of information on how a member matches, and is compatible with, other members of the site, and as explained above, offers a multitude of ways to make contact. It’s so easy to find out about a member’s personality, star sign, sexual needs etc and then get in touch by phone, email, SMS, chat, or web-cam!